MasterMine 8.0 for GoldMine

User-Friendly Reporting and
and Data Management

GoldMine Management with MasterMine

TWO Key Management Functions for GoldMine:


1. Reporting that's actually Easy
  • - Any user can make reports, lists or graphs in seconds
  • - End-users control formatting and content, not just a few parameters
  • - Refreshable pivot tables show real-time data from GoldMine, seamlessly
  • - Replaces hours of Excel exporting, Crystal "programming", and Dashboard frustration

Finally delivers the information payoff for your investment in GoldMine!


2. Updating and Data Management that put you back in Control
  • - Manipulate GoldMine data in Microsoft Excel®, without SQL skills
  • - Fix, fill-in or rearrange data then transfer to GoldMine seamlessly
  • - Save thousands of hours manually updating GoldMine, and more thousands in tech consultant costs
  • - Many large data tasks and repetitive manual processes reduced to mere seconds

Makes GoldMine trustworthy, accurate, complete, and therefore effective!


You MUST see MasterMine in action to appreciate the possibilities.

Please schedule a personal tour of your own GoldMine database, using MasterMine, today!

Watch MasterMine in Action!

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"My business has been made hugely profitable by our ability to collect valuable data in GoldMine and analyze that data with MasterMine."

- Scott Everett, President, Gateway Financial Services