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End-Users' Webinars

MasterMine strives to provide our customers continual training and help through webinars and videos. The list below contain links to recorded webinars that will help MasterMine users create and use the software effectively.  Looking for a specific topic, try the search option!
Have an idea for a webinar? Email us and let us know.

Webinar Title
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Topics DiscussedCategoriesWebinar Date
The Many Uses of MasterMineFind Leads, Manage Email Marketing, Track Leads, Manage Calendar, Normalize a field, Moving Data, Date GroupingMasterMine Management, MasterMine Features, GoldMine Administration, Sales/Marketing, Emails/Websites, Basic Training, MMUpdater2013 - Mar
How to Track Leads Through Your Sales StagesSales Tracking Through Stages, Sales Forecast by Stage, Sales Process Design, Sales Performance: Stage AnalysisSales/Marketing2013 - May
MasterMine Q&AMasterMine Basics, Managing Email and Website fields, Manage Data Quality, Viewing Pending & Completed Activities, Opportunity Reporting, Prevent Losing LeadsMasterMine Features, GoldMine Administration, Sales/Marketing, Emails/Websites, Basic Training, MMUpdater, Opportunities/Projects/Cases2013 - Jun
Dates, Date Ranges, & Fiscal YearsChoosing Dates (Activity Level, Contact Level), Character Fields with Dates, Date Ranges, Date Grouping, Fiscal YearMasterMine Features, GoldMine Administration, Sales/Marketing, Basic Training2013 - Oct
MasterMine Quick TipsLaunching MasterMine, Creating Reporting, MasterMine Templates, Sorting Fields, Field Views, Drill Through, Making GoldMine Groups, Sharing Reports, Date Grouping, Snapshot, Adding/Deleting Fields, Fiscal Year, Charts, MMUpdater, Linking Outside DataMasterMine Management, MasterMine Features, GoldMine Administration, Sales/Marketing, Emails/Websites, Basic Training, MMUpdater2013 - Jul
Email Address ManagementUpdating Email Address & Email Notes with MMUpdater, Adding Email Addresses & Websites using MMUpdater, Email Address Reporting Tips, Email MarketingGoldMine Administration, Sales/Marketing, Emails/Websites, MMUpdater2013 - Aug
Sharing Your MasterMine ReportsShare Reports to MasterMine and Non-MasterMine Users, MasterMine Security Settings, Snapshots, PrintingMasterMine Management, MasterMine Features2013 - Sep
How Should You Track Your Sales ProcessTracking Activities, Tracking Forecasts, Tracking Through StagesGoldMine Administration, Sales/Marketing2014 - Sep
Useful Reports for Sales PeopleUnderstand and Manage a Sales Territory, Focus Daily Activity to Maximize Income, Track Many Opportunities; Neglect NoneSales/Marketing2015 - Jul
Simplify Report Creation with User Created TemplatesInitializing Preferences, Save and Use Personal TemplatesMasterMine Management, MasterMine Features2014 - Aug
Back to BasicsBasic Report Creation and UsageBasic Training2014 - Aug
How to Make Your GoldMine Data More UsefulAdding Fields to GoldMine, Derive a Reporting Field from Existing Data without adding a new field, How to Add New Fields or Query Expressions to Existing Reports, Creating a Calculated FieldGoldMine Administration, MMUpdater2015 - Jan
End of Year ReportingActivity vs. Business Goals, Sales Actual/Forecast Hybrid Reports, Create Dashboards, Strategize Marketing and Sales Efforts, Prepare your data-base for accurate end-of-year reportingGoldMine Administration, Sales/Marketing, MMUpdater2014 Oct
In-Report Grouping & Segmenting FunctionsSimple Selection Grouping, How to Group, Sort and Select by Dates, Fiscal Year Date Grouping, Manual Grouping vs. Search Grouping, Use Date and Number RangesMasterMine Features, Sales/Marketing2014 - Nov
How to Use Your MasterMine Pivot TablesBasics of Pivot Tables (Quadrants and Uses), Line Listing Reports and Matrix Reports, Basic Pivot Table Functions and Formatting, MasterMine Toolbar for Setup, Clean-up, and PresentationMasterMine Features, Basic Training2014 - Dec
Deduping GoldMineAssessing Data, Data Preparation (Including Normalization & Cleaning), Using Weighting, Fuzzy Match vs. User ReviewGoldMine Administration, MMUpdater2015 - May
What to do with Your Additional LicensesTypes of MasterMine Licenses, Who to Assign MasterMine Licenses to, How Different Users Typically Use MasterMineMasterMine Management2015 - Feb
Cleaning & Managing Your Email AddressesAvailable Templates for Email List Selection & Management, Find and Fix Bad Emails, Managing and Using Merge Codes, Measure Outreach EffectivenessMasterMine Features, GoldMine Administration, Sales/Marketing, Emails/Websites2015 - Mar
Level 1 Training & RetrainingTraining & Support Options, Maintenance, Use Existing Reports, Manage GoldMine Data, Create New Reports, Assigning/Managing MasterMine LicensesBasic Training2015 - Apr
End of Year Reporting & PlanningActivity vs. Business Goals, Sales Actual/Forecast Hybrid Reports, Create Dashboards, Strategize Marketing and Sales Efforts, Prepare your data-base for accurate end-of-year reportingGoldMine Administration, Sales/Marketing, MMUpdater2015 - Oct
Maintain Data Quality with Exception ReportsData Clean-up, Data Normalization, Creating Exception Reports, Maintaining Data QualityGoldMine Administration, MMUpdater2015 - Jun
New MasterMine TemplatesMasterMine Templates, How to Use Templates, New Templates, User-Defined TemplatesMasterMine Features2015 - Aug
Organizing MasterMine ReportsDifference Between Templates & Reports, MasterMine Launch Dialog & Management Screen, GoldMine TaskbarMasterMine Management, MasterMine Features2015 - Sep
GoldMine AdministrationGoldMine Administration, Data Management Tasks, Manage Lookups, Alarms, Member, etc, Gaps in Key Information, Manage Junk Data, Log Reports (User, Transaction, Sync)GoldMine Administration2016 - Mar
How to Make Dashboards with MasterMineCreating Individual Component Reports, Combining Reports into One Workbook, Chart Types, Create Graphs, Using Graphs, Creating Dashboard Page to Aggregate, Control Table with "Apply Filter", Hyperlink Dashboards to Sources, Refresh All or Periodic, Dashboard/Report Security, Blank GridMasterMine Features, GoldMine Administration, Sales/Marketing2015 - Dec
(Re)Intro to MMUpdater (February 2016)Basic Changes to GoldMine Fields, Deleting or Completing Pending Calendar Items, Cleaning Email Inboxes, Managing Email Addresses & Websites, Creating New History Entries, Linked DocumentsGoldMine Administration, Emails/Websites, MMUpdater2016 - Feb
Sharing Your MasterMine ReportsReport Distribution Methods, How to Share, Interactive vs. Flat Reports, MasterMine License TypesMasterMine Management, MasterMine Features2016 - Apr
MasterMine Ribbons & ButtonsButtons and Ribbons Within Your MasterMine Reports: What do they do and how to use themMasterMine Features, Basic Training2016 - Jun
Reporting on Opportunities, Projects, & CasesSetup/Preferences, Opportunity Forecast Report, Project Tasks Report, Case Resolutions ReportOpportunities/Projects/Cases2014 - Mar
2 Useful Reports for Sales ManagementLeads from Source to Close (Filter by Source, Group by Segment), Lost and Unworked LeadsGoldMine Administration, Sales/Marketing2016 - Jul
Managing Pending & HistoryBasic Pending/History Reports, Deleting Pending & History, Email Inbox Management & ReportingGoldMine Administration, Emails/Websites, MMUpdater2013 - Nov
Normalizing a GoldMine Database FieldFinding Data Inconsistency, Normaliztion Techniques, Maintaining NormalizationGoldMine Administration, MMUpdater2014 - Jan
Marketing with MasterMine & GoldMineMarket Segmentation, Demographics, Mergecodes, Email Marketing, Source Analysis, Group AnalysisSales/Marketing2014 - Feb
What's New with Version 9 (MasterMine for GoldMine)New features of Version 9, Compatibility, Adding Contacts/Details, Pending/History, Creating Note Records, Management of Email and Websites, Report Management, Sharing MasterMine ReportsMasterMine Management, MasterMine Features, GoldMine Administration, Sales/Marketing, Emails/Websites, Basic Training, MMUpdater2017 - Feb
Dedupe GoldMine with MasterMine PreparationNew Version 9 templates for deduping, Techniques, Data Clean Up and NormalizationMasterMine Management, MasterMine Features, GoldMine Administration, MMUpdater2017 - Apr