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MasterMine for GoldMine

User-friendly Reporting & Data Management for your unique business needs

MasterMine for QuoteWerks

The insight you need to manage quotes and orders and turn them into sales.

MMUpdater & xl2Gold

Push changes and import data directly from Excel® to your Database instantly

GoldMine CRM

Customer Relationship Management
for Windows-Based businesses
MasterMine for GoldMine

Reporting, analysis and data management add-on that marries GoldMine with Microsoft Excel® making GoldMine transparent and easy to manage.

MasterMine for QuoteWerks

Any information you think is contained in your QuoteWerks data is fair game for MasterMine’s amazingly flexible, user-friendly reporting.

MMUpdater & xl2Gold

For all the times you need to update data across multiple records quickly and easily, or need to import additional contacts or activities, these add-on's make it easy!

GoldMine CRM

Instantly access everything about your contacts and customers in a fully customizable layout, including all scheduled and past activities, linked documents, e-mails, and much more..

Our Story

MasterMine Software, Inc. was founded by Rob Machalek, our president and the developer of MasterMine for GoldMine, in May of 1999.

Since its inception, MasterMine has won top honors from Ivanti  (formerly FrontRange Solutions and HEAT Software) and its worldwide network of Solutions Partners, for its ease-of-use and for the important value that it provides to GoldMine CRM users and managers.

Rob developed MasterMine because, as the manager of a GoldMine-based operation, he recognized the value and potential of a flexible, pivottable-based reporting system that would allow him to get any summary or detail view of his database, and drill down through his live reports to targeted GoldMine records. Having developed the system for his own use, and with GoldMine's user base approaching One Million users (now 1.4 Million), the market potential for MasterMine seemed both obvious and well worth the effort to build a successful sales, support and development organization behind it.

Our growing family of authorized MasterMine providers within the GoldMine Solutions Partner Network, and the enthusiastic testimonials of our satisfied customers and resellers, testify to the strength of MasterMine as a valuable asset to any GoldMine installation.

Now in our twentieth year, the MasterMine team is here to provide you with the very best solutions to extract your business information from GoldMine CRM. We can create custom toolkits and analysis workbooks for you, to your specifications. And, of course, we continue to work to improve the out-of-the-box value of MasterMine for the whole range of GoldMine CRM users.

Thank You From All of Us for Making MasterMine a Perennial Award Winner and GoldMine's most raved-about add-on product!

The MasterMine Team

“I'm a deep believer in data-driven sales and business management. I fell in love with GoldMine in the 90s, and turned it into a powerhouse sales tool with MasterMine for GoldMine. I can't wait to share our success with you!”

“I was a customer of MasterMine for several years before making my move over to the company. In my time as a customer, I learned how to dive into our data and was intrigued with the capabilities MasterMine opened the doors to. Today, I am just as intrigued and love to pass on the knowledge of what I have learned to other companies in hopes of helping them succeed.”

“Before I came to work for MasterMine, I worked in a call center which used GoldMine heavily. I struggled to make the simplest reports and filters. But when my boss purchased MasterMine, life just got easier! Our close relationship with the MasterMine team, just made the choice to come work with such great people and wonderful products a natural next step. And one of my best decisions. ”

Steve Foster has built hundreds of solutions that integrate business critical data flows across key applications like CRM, quote management, ERP, accounting and more. Steve brings a wealth of experience and expertise in key areas like healthcare, manufacturing, financial services, and overall business management integration through software. We especially prize his easy but efficient manner with clients, working at every level from top management to end users to develop the most effective solutions for the specific people around which their business is built.