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Live Support, Training, & Report Writing Services

If you don't have the time or the know-how, MasterMine online training, report writing and data management support is available almost immediately.

On-Call Support

For the do-it-yourselfer, paid support is available in quarter-hour units so you get moving again quickly and efficiently.
We're available online weekdays for quick answers and "how-to" support. See support pack pricing below.

Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 5:30 pm CST.

Call (877) 877-7212 option 3.

Data Management Service

Every database deteriorates over time if it's not carefully managed. In skilled hands, MasterMine is the most powerful for GoldMine and QuoteWerks.

From data normalization to mass updating, we can help you get your data back in shape so your processes and people are at optimum performance and your reports are truly informative. See support pack pricing below.

Call (877) 877-7212 option 3 or e-mail us your requirements.

Report Writing Services

Describe what you need and we create reports for you, often in just a few minutes. Most work is performed "while you watch," so you're sure you get what you need without a long back-and-forth process. If you wish, you can learn MasterMine AND get your work done at the same time. Sessions are done via screen sharing, at your desk, at your convenience. See support pack pricing below.

Call (877) 877-7212 option 3 or email us your requirements.

1/2 Day Business Analysis

Leverage our experience and GoldMine & QuoteWerks know-how! Match your knowledge of your business with the deep QuoteWerks, GoldMine, and MasterMine knowledge of our developer and owner, Rob Machalek, to get "under the hood" of your operation. In a few hours, understand your business and its "nervous system" like never before. Rob explains your data and your business process issues in language you understand as a business owner and helps you put together an action plan that makes sense.  (Cost: $800)

Call (877} 877-7212 ext. 212 to schedule.

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Support Pricing

Live support is available workdays from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm US Central time, and by appointment at other times. All MasterMine services from report writing to data manipulation to GoldMine and QuoteWerks support are available without a contract, and often "on-call" without appointment.

Since many reports take only minutes to produce, why pay for whole hours? Short, intensive help is always better than hours of guess-work on your own.You provide the broadband, MasterMine provides the screen-sharing technology and the MasterMine expertise.

Here are your online support purchase options:

About Our
Support Packs*:

Quarter-hour units, pre-purchased in volume-discounted bundles of 10, 20, 40, or 80 per pack. Units never expire and can be used for any service, in any number per session. Support packs provide an easy way to minimize per-incident billing and approvals, while giving you significant volume discounts. Buying in advance saves you the cost of hourly billing and the hassle of micro payments, and reduces time-to-results. Unused units are tracked by MasterMine and available upon request.

Support Packs
(Purchase In Advance):

80 Unit Support Pack (20 Hours): $3000

40 Unit Support Pack (10 Hours):

20 Unit Support Pack (5 Hours): $850 

10 Unit Support Pack (2.5 Hours): $450

(Purchase Upon Completion)

Traditional hourly support is available at $180/hour, minimum of 1 hour per incident, and half-hour increments thereafter.

Pay only for hours used. 

*Project estimates available for larger projects. Estimates are not fixed-bid, but provide guidelines and milestones in advance of work commencement. Significant discounts available for projects greater than 20 hours duration.


Free tech support is available during normal business hours for current holders of annual maintenance. Tech support covers any issue that we determine is caused by MasterMine or its installer not performing to specifications. We also assist your staff with installing new software or upgrades.

Call (877) 877-7212 Option 2. Issues that are environmental or GoldMine/QuoteWerks setup related may incur support charges, in which case you will be notified if possible before charges accrue.

Below is a brief summary of what is covered with your annual maintenance. For more detailed information, please click here.

Technical Support

Annual Maintenance

Annual maintenance costs 20% of the current software cost per year.
This is a very small price to pay to maintain the value of your investment over time. Here's why:

Free Version Upgrades

MasterMine continually updates the software to keep up with changes in Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Excel, and GoldMine or QuoteWerks, any of which could cause your old software to cease functioning properly. Between major version releases, we also frequently add minor new features, bug fixes, and user conveniences. By keeping up your maintenance, you are entitled to all these improvements for FREE. And you can implement them easily at any time by downloading the latest software from our website.

Click here to read about the advantages of the newest version of MasterMine, version 9.0, originally released 2017.

Compatibility with Upgrades to Other Products

When you upgrade GoldMine/QuoteWerks, MS Office, or MS Windows in the future, your MasterMine software needs to be kept up to date as well. In our experience, any of these upgrades may require changes in MasterMine to continue to be fully functional. We continually monitor our software and make adjustments as needed. You will want to have current MasterMine software to ensure continued service and to take advantage of new features in newer versions of these dynamic products.

Free Technical Support

Our online technical support assists your IT staff in making sure MasterMine is installed correctly and functions according to spec on your system. If you reinstall or upgrade QuoteWerks, GoldMine, or MasterMine we can help you make sure everything on the MasterMine side is correct.

Access to Online Services

Online services like report writing, training and MasterMine-enabled business analysis and data management help you get the best result for your investments in GoldMine or QuoteWerks. We can save you a great deal of time and effort with efficiently delivered, over-the-web services. With lapsed maintenance, these services are still available, but at a higher cost. Unless you keep your skills at a high level or use available services, you may miss out on lots of the value you could be getting from your QuoteWerks or GoldMine information through MasterMine.

"Why not skip a year or two?"

There is no advantage to skipping a year of maintenance. Staying current at a cost of 20% per year is the best way to keep your software functioning as you need it to, with the least hassle (if you'd like to purchase multiple years, you will received a 10% discount of each additional year). Reinstating after a lapse costs 40% of the current software cost, plus an additional 20% per major release that has come out since your maintenance lapsed.
For complete details of maintenance covereage, please click here.

Training Options

Each of our training sessions are geared toward how you currently use operate your business, use your GoldMine/QuoteWerks,
and where you want to see your company's usage in the future.

Level 1

1 Hour Online Session


A brief orientation within the MasterMine reporting environment, covering the basic skills you need to create standard reports on-the-fly or from templates. Includes overview of report sharing, online support resources, and data management with MMUpdater.

All active and prospective users in your organization are welcome to attend.

Level 2

2 Hour Online Session
Topics Covered


In-depth, hands-on training in creating and sharing reports. Includes thorough coverage of MasterMine create dialog, toolbar functions, and interaction with the GoldMine and/or QuoteWerks application. This course follows a standard agenda of topics every MasterMine user should know about.  

Include as many users as you wish for one price! Recommended for all "Create" MasterMine users.

Level 3

2 Hour Online Session
Topics Covered


Further 1-on-1 development for more active users and report designers. Advanced formatting, query-level changes, and some data management topics are covered. More self-directed than basic training, this course is driven by the specific needs of the individual client.

Share-User Training

1.5 Hour Online Session
Topics Covered


For end-users of reports created by others, this training covers the basics for opening, manipulating and sharing existing reports. Simple re-formatting, drill-through, graphing, and group processing are among the topics covered.
This training assumes you have some existing reports, accessible to the users being trained.

Recommended for all "share" users. May be redundant for "create" users.

Master/Updater Training

1 Hour Online Session
Topics Covered


Learn to mass-update your data safely from inside Excel. 

Includes discussion of convenient Excel processes to substitute values. Some general techniques and strategies for managing your data are also covered.

Recommended for all Master license users. Assumes report creation competency.


2 Hour Online Session


You choose the topics you want to cover, in consultation with your trainer. MasterMine trainers are dedicated to helping you get the most out of GoldMine or QuoteWerks within the context of your particular way of using your systems.

For potential topics, or variations of them, refer to the other "classes" offered here, then give us a call.

Training Topics

The topics listed below are suggestions, but can be customized for your specific needs.

Level 2 Create User Training
Topics Covered

  • Building Quick Reports
  • Parts and functions of the MasterMine "Create Report" User Interface
  • Sorting fields for Listview Columns
  • Pre-filtering Data

Basic PivotTable Functionality: Doing "Prospect Analysis"

  • 4 parts of the pivot table
  • Filtering in the Page Area
  • Displaying in Rows and Columns
  • Segmentation: Building local Groups
  • Drill-down for Listviews
  • Drill-down to GoldMine/QuoteWerks
  • Creating Groups (GoldMine only)

MasterMine Toolbar Functions

  • Refresh options
  • Ease-of-Display functions
  • Cloning reports
  • Information & security dialog
  • Add Report to Taskbar (GoldMine only)
  • Charting

Database Management & Clean-up Basics

  • Updater (Introduction)

Level 3 Create User Training
Topics Covered

Pivot Tables:

  • Date Grouping
  • Numeric Grouping
  • Grouping on Field Contents
  • Sum, Avg, Count in Data Area
  • Drilldown Preferences
  • Customizing Reports
  • Building Report Workbooks
  • Transferring Reports to Others
  • MSQuery Features
  • Adding Fields
  • Using Expressions
  • Selection Criteria

MasterMine Interface:

  • Modify SQL Query
  • Preferences
  • Report Builder Toolkit
  • Database Manager's Toolkit
  • Sales Manager's Toolkit
  • Reference Manual Topics

VAR Training Bonus:

  • Marketing Support Options
  • Customization Support

Share User Training
Topics Covered

Basic PivotTable Functionality

  • 4 parts of the pivot table
  • Filtering in the Page Area
  • Displaying in Rows and Columns
  • Segmentation: Working with local Groups
  • Drill-down for Listviews
  • Drill-down to GoldMine/QuoteWerks
  • Creating Groups (GoldMine only)
  • Saving reports (SaveAs)

MasterMine Toolbar Functions

  • Refresh options
  • Ease-of-Display functions
  • Cloning reports
  • Information & security dialog
  • Add Report to Taskbar (GoldMine only)
  • Charting

Database Management & Clean-up Basics
(if applicable)

  • Updater (Introduction)

Master/Updating Training

Topics Covered

Simple data update on drilldown sheet

  • Drilldown for target set
  • Invoke Updater

Updater dialog

  • Update from Log sheet
  • Undo
  • Update directly (bypass Log step)

MasterMine Toolbar Functions

Additional topics (if time allows):

  • Update GoldMine/QuoteWerks from external data
  • Excel tricks: Copy down, select column, using Excel replace
  • Using cell formulas in Excel
  • Updating fields requiring special handling
  • Notes
  • References in ContHist
  • Date fields
  • Linked Documents